June 24, 2017

Brea Treasurer Leaves To Baton Rouge To Help Others

Brea Treasurer takes a break from campaign activities to focus on helping others. “In 2005, I was part of small Chaplain team that responded to Hurricane Katrina.  After being the first faith

June 24, 2017

City Council Appoints Rick Rios as Treasurer

Earlier this year the City Council conducted interviews for the vacant Treasurer position. 

June 24, 2017

Bonds and our Seniors

This election, there a number of Local and State Bond propositions that will be on the ballot

June 24, 2017

Memorial Day 2016

Today, call me Commander Rick J Rios.  We all serve our community and family with many

June 24, 2017

Rick J Rios Elected City Wide PTA Treasurer

Today I move from serving our kids as the City PTA Council Secretary to the City PTA Treasurer.
Policies and Positions

The People's Treasurer

“It is my view that governments problems aren’t solved by sending them more taxpayer money; we hold government accountable for what they already have been given.”

The People's


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